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背中がエロい虹エロ画像くれ その2 - 二次萌エロ画像ブログ

submitted by scarves-and-moe
pixiv: キムラダイスケ
Danbooru: Kimura Daisuke

アウトブレイク・カンパニー、myucel foalan、elbia hernaiman、幽幻、高解像度、非常に高い解像度、エルフ、ドレス、ボウタイ、ロングヘア、ショートヘア、ツインテール、medium breasts、乳、宝飾、栗毛、獣耳、紫目、エルフ耳、裸、黒い瞳 | Sankaku Channel

「乗って?」/「黒ミヤ」の作品 [pixiv] #pixitail

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This is Jikji. She’s had a pretty tough life so far.I rescued her when she was barely clinging to life. Covered in mud with wounds on her back, face, and front legs, and with no use of her back legs at all.After taking her home and washing her off a little, I wrapped her in a thick towel and gave her a little egg and water. I decided if she made it though the night, I would take her to the vet in the morning.And she pulled through. Still sleeping most of the time and only able to move her head and front legs a little, she passed the 18-hour point! I took her to the vet, and they gave her an IV. Put some fluids into her, gave her some medicine and put her under warming lamps. She ate a little bit of food and by the time I picked her up this evening, she had much more energy.And X-rays that showed a fractured hip. Severely fractured. In fact, one of her legs had no feeling at all and is essentially dead. Her other leg is okay, although weak. Now, the only option for her is to have the bad leg removed and the hip fixed with a pin…… Which will cost about $1500. A very reasonable price, if I had the money. Which I just don’t. I might be able to come up with $500 next payday (which is August 6), but until then, there’s no way I can pay for it.So, we’re both asking for your help. She’s got more energy now (enough to be sneaky like a cat and creep into the torn lining of my sofa), and will be ready for surgery as soon as next week if we can get it funded and scheduled!I’m an illustrator and comic artist. I’m offering a portrait of Jikji (digital copy) for anyone who helps. This will be a hi-res illustration so you can print it out anywhere. Make yourself a wall-hanging if you like. She’s absolutely adorable.

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Pixiv ID: 42324529Member: パクマソ

桃色虹画像 -二次元萌え画像エロ画像まとめ- -



Anime Trope #17 - School Swimsuits

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