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"I’m so ANGRY but I can’t remember why…"


Favorite Tali relationships - Romantic - Commander Shepard

"I already have a home."

That’s really cool… Because she committed suicide in mine.

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Especially if the words were in Braille, blind people would be feeling me up trying to see what I was about…

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Women make up 45% of the gaming community and 0% of the protagonists of the 25 biggest games of the year.

"Yes, but that’s still a minority! If more women played video games, there would be more reason to have female protagonists!"

Men make up 35% of the cinema audience and 84% of the protagonists of the 25 biggest movies of the year.

False, Last of Us and Beyond:Two Souls. That’s at least two that equal 8%.

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Bikini warfare
Time to wake up
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